Landing with a thud in my heart

If her aortic dissection in 2015 had made me worried about her medium term survival (a few years), the news in 2017 about her aortic arch dilation made me worry about her short term survival (few months).

As long as I was in town, I at least had the comfort that I could quickly take her to CMC should there be any problem with either of the ticking time bombs. But what if something happened when I was away? This had been a nagging worry to me since 2015, and it started nagging me ever more since 2017.

Every time I had to fly out of my city on work, I put all of amma’s medical records in one place, placed the cardiology hospital emergency and ambulance telephone number at a prominent location and informed my relatives next door to rush her to the hospital if she exhibited specific symptoms. In addition, I placed all her pills prominently at her arm’s reach so she could help herself easily in an emergency.

While travelling on work, I usually took early morning flights that lasted an hour or two. I had read that cardiac problems happened more frequently during early mornings, 72 and this made me apprehensive every time I took an early morning flight out of the city.

So apprehensive that, on landing, while all other passengers switched on their smartphones hoping to have a message from home, I was hoping that there would be no messages from home.

No news was the best news in the context of amma. Especially early in the morning.

Dilation dilemma <= Landing with a thud in my heart => The toy that kept falling



72. While many medical experts agree that the likelihood of or severity of heart related problems are higher earlier in the morning, there’s a diverse set of reasons being given for these – elevated cortisol levels, lower levels of a cell activation molecule, to elevated levels of some special cells that prevent blood clots from breaking down


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