Starting sometime in 2013, I became a bit more serious with my explorations of treatments for RLS. If the earlier doctor’s medicine had become a placebo and that of the new doctor an assassin, it was imperative that I sought out something or someone else.

In the beginning, it was just about other doctors she could consult for other drug prescriptions. But soon, realizing the danger in experimenting with new neurological drugs on amma, I started reading online significantly about natural treatments.

Anyone undertaking internet research to find solutions to tricky health problems would most likely have come across not just information overload, but also self-appointed expert overload. The result is that one doesn’t often know whom to rely on and whom not to.

One way to overcome the problem of unreliable advice would be to use information from authentic online expert sources. For medical and health related topics, there are highly reliable online sources such as Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins and quite a few others. But for challenges such as RLS that are not fully understood and do not yet have a cure, I found that even these resources are only of limited help – in their attempt to be very reliable and precise while catering to a general audience, they ended up telling me nothing I did not already know.

There are also websites dedicated to RLS. I found the RLS Foundation’s online resource, and especially their discussion forum, to be a source of diverse and useful inputs – but there were so many ideas out there that I felt overwhelmed at times.

Once you are done with these authentic and specialized sources, and are out on the vast ocean of the web, you can get so disoriented with the magnitude and diversity of suggestions for Restless Legs Syndrome that you might end up with the Restless Mind Syndrome.

Many times, while doing general online research for complex or uncommon ailments, I felt like someone in a flea market – good items surely were available, but there were far too many fleas.

Helplessly hurtful <= Fleas.com => A sucker a minute


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