Achilles Leg

A couple of years back, I realized something interesting – a lot of what happened to amma revolved around her legs.

While her RLS and varicose veins had obvious connections to legs, even seemingly unconnected things had to do with her legs – for instance, I found many times that her minor chest pains disappeared after I massaged her calves.

Sometimes, she would wake up in the middle of the night and complain about a new problem – it could be a minor stomach ache one time, breathlessness another time, or some vague and indescribable feelings all over her body the third. My first resort would be to massage her legs, and remarkably, the problem would magically be gone most times.

Many other health problems happened on her legs – frequent feet infections, edema (fluid collection) in her feet, rashes on her calves…

In 2014, she had a fall and the large slash on her leg almost killed her as her blood wouldn’t clot due to her use of blood thinning medications.

A month before her death, she had a recurrent foot infection. I have a feeling that it was this infection – or the antibiotics given for the infection – that set off an internal bleeding in some way, which worsened over the next few weeks resulting in the need for a blood transfusion, and her death.

Each of us is likely to have our Achilles heel when it comes to heath. 137 It might be a good idea to be aware of it, and keep a constant eye over it.

A million massages <= Achilles leg => A walking pharmacy



137. In Greek mythology, Achilles’ mother Thetis had a role to play in his getting the vulnerable spot – his heel. She held him by the heel while dipping him in the magical River Styx that made all parts of his body – except his heel – invulnerable, Metaphorically, our mothers too could have a role to play in our later Achilles heels – for instance, a mother who is a bit careless about diet could lead her children to be more vulnerable to hypertension in future.


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