A Walking Pharmacy

Amma had blood pressure (hypertension).

She had a weak heart (heart failure, in medical terms)

She had serious problems with her arteries (aortic dissection)

She had problems with her veins (varicose veins)

She had enough problems with her nerves through the restless legs syndrome, which is actually  classified as a sensorimotor disease that involves the brain, nerves and muscles.

She had problems with her lungs (lung collapse once and blood clot in lungs another time).

Like many women her age, she had problems with her bones, knee joints, eyes and ears.

Problems with her blood, heart, lungs, arteries, veins, nerves, muscles, bones, joints, eyes, ears – with most of them treated with medicines.

With so many drugs floating in her body, I used to joke that amma was the most comprehensive walking pharmacy in the world. 138

Talking of medicines, it is fashionable to rally against modern medicinal practices and medications because of some of the challenges they doubtless have introduced – too many tests, too many drugs prescribed, too many side effects and too much reliance on synthetic and artificial solutions rather than on natural and sustainable ones.

I too, like many others, hesitate before taking any pill. Despite all these concerns, it is undeniable that modern medicine, if used with thought, performs wonders. Amma was a walking example of this fact – if not for the three or four critical drugs she took, she would have been dead and gone many years back. 

A balance between drugs and natural solutions could be the way to go for people like amma. One thumb rule could be to rely significantly on natural solutions for problems that are not life threatening, and rely to a threshold level on drugs for life threatening health problems.

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138. A research that it was hardly so. Called polypharmacy, there are millions of people worldwide who appear to be taking loads more diverse medications everyday


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