A sentimental fool

When you read about a 50 year old man crying for days about his deceased 80 year old mother who had been suffering from multiple diseases, and who had survived ten earlier emergency hospitalizations in the previous ten years, you are likely to imagine him to be a sentimental fool.

You may be right.

Or may be not.

Because you didn’t know amma.

And you don’t know the life I lived with her for the past ten years.

I started writing a day after amma expired. She was two months short of her 82nd birthday. I had completed my 50th year in this world a month earlier.

Given my fast-paced professional life as a top management consultant for the cleantech sector, I should have been an entirely different person at 50 years of age. But my life with amma in the last ten years – and especially in her final five – has moulded me into someone quite different.

Amma’s life, her memorable characteristics, her unique health challenges accompanied by consequent trauma, and a rather uncommon life I was fortunate to lead with her during her final five years, and especially during her final hundred days under a COVID lockdown – all these made me think a lot more about her post her death. And also convinced me that these were worth writing about.

I hope you like my story.

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