The Luckiest Son Alive

I consider myself the luckiest son alive.

How many sons in their forties would have had the fortune to build a special relationship with his mother that lasted almost 10 years? Make many minor but valuable changes to his habits and lifestyle to make her happy? Get really close to through a mix of many happy and some traumatic experiences? Massage her feet over a million times? Get to spend every hour of every day of her final three months with her because of a national lockdown? Even help her dress herself in her last few days?

During her ten earlier hospitalizations, I had witnessed heart-rending scenes of young men and women dying at hospitals. I once saw a lady who couldn’t have been much more than 25 weeping inconsolably because her husband was no more. Some times, I have heard cries of “Oh, how I wish I had been with him the last few days!”

Aortic dissections and aneurysms themselves have claimed the lives of many talented people worldwide – people in their prime of life and careers, with many of them not being lucky enough like amma to have been operated at the right time by the right experts. 157

I doubt the sons or daughters or wives or husbands of these unfortunate victims ever had the early warnings or escapes that amma had. I doubt if any of them had been provided such a long rope of five years to build better and more enriching relationships with their loved ones.

I have been very fortunate.

And I have known, for over 2000 days, that I was fortunate – and this makes me feel even more fortunate.

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157. Apart from Albert Einstein, a few other notables who died from aortic emergencies include Lucille Ball (American actress of I Love Lucy fame, 1989). John Ritter (American actor, 2003), Richard Holbrooke (American diplomat, 2010) and Alan Thicke (Canadian American actor, 2016).


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