The Amma I Hardly Knew

Even until 2011, I was like most well-educated, middle-aged Indian men – ambitious, work-focussed, and thinking seriously about parents mostly only during exceptions (read health emergencies). I’m of course taking the liberty of stereotyping other Indian men based on my character, but I suspect I may be pretty close to being correct. 

Since 2008, I have been running a small management consulting firm that provides business consulting and market intelligence for the cleantech sector, with an emphasis on solar power, electric mobility, biofuels and sustainable waste management.

My work consumed almost all my time. To me, amma existed as someone who was there to just take care of home, food and comforts.

I’m sure she had a life of her own, but I don’t remember thinking too much about it. I probably liked her a lot, but I doubt I did anything significant to support this hypothesis.

She had a minor stroke in 2002 but recovered completely within a day. I knew very little about that incident, or the reasons behind it, as I was not in the city and she had recovered completely by the time I was back.

Sometime in 2005, I had assisted her in finding relief for her leg pain, but that was about all I had done as an acknowledgement that she mattered to me.

As far as I was concerned, amma was just there.

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