Every amma is a story

After I reviewed many of the sections I had written about amma, I started wondering whether a lady who had appeared so ordinary to the rest of the world could really have been so unique.

The first thought that crossed my mind (and perhaps it did for yours too) was that as she was special to me, I had likely exaggerated her qualities. If I had routinely discounted every mother’s claims about their offsprings’ achievements by 95%, why shouldn’t there exist a discounting factor for filial claims too?

But on further thought, I realized the truth. It was not a case of exaggeration by a son, but rather a case of complete underestimation of mothers by most sons.

If I list down the top five parameters that the world thinks remarkable people have –  something on the lines of Expertise, Determination, Education, Passion etc. – amma might tick only two boxes at most. Her remarkableness was not in the big things we all look for in super-achievers, it was in the small things that make mothers mothers.

I had the necessity and fortune to interact closely with amma for about five years – and very closely during her final 100 days. If not for these unique circumstances and opportunities, I would have certainly missed noticing many things that were splendid in her.

Millions of sons and daughters could come up with even better stories than mine about their ammas – if only they bothered to observe.

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