Tickling My Soles

Try to visualize this scenario.

At about 10 O’clock most nights, a boy puts up both his feet on his mother’s lap and she tickles the soles of his feet – starting always with the left foot which she tickles with her fingers from top to bottom and up again all the way, this process repeated three times, with the third tickling being squiggly and the most delightful one.

She then does exactly the same to his right foot, before she pushes both feet gently away because she is tired and is almost falling asleep.

The boy looks forward to those few minutes every night. It feels so, so good. 100

That’s me, a fifty year old man, being tickled by my 81 year old amma. This had happened many nights over the past few years, and happened even two nights before her final admission to the hospital!

For her, doing this was important because she felt it was a small payback for all the hard massaging I was doing to her feet and legs everyday.

For me, these 2-3 minutes provided a remarkably emotional experience – one during which I felt incredibly close to her.

Always the left foot first, always three times, and the third time always squiggly.

Order and method – amma could have been an effective assistant to Hercule Poirot. 101

Fig 31: A stickler becomes a tickler: Even while tickling my soles, amma was methodical and meticulous. It was first my left sole, in which she made three rounds of tickles – the first two two being zig-zag and the third one being squiggly. She then repeated the three rounds exactly in the same way for my right sole. 

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100. A review of tickling through a quick Google search surprised me with the vast amount of interesting insights available about it. Research even seems to suggest that tickling could provide benefits to incontinence and heart health.

101. Agatha Christie’s famous sleuth, who credited his order and method, along with his little grey cells, for his stupendous success in solving crimes,


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