Tempering tempers

My official name is Narasimhan, though I’m called Balaji at home.

I was named Narasimhan because I was born on the birthday of Lord Narasimha, who in the Hindu pantheon is a half man-half lion god, known for his anger against injustice and evil. 84

It may not be a good idea to trifle with him. He is not the god known for charms or kindness – there are many others for those in Hinduism.

A famous picture of the angry god is that of his disembowelling a demon.

Those born on Lord Narasimha’s birthday are supposed to take on his characteristics, especially his anger and ferocity.

I don’t recall ever disemboweling anyone, but I certainly inherited a fair bit of Lord Narasimha’s angry temperament.

While my being somewhat of an introvert might not have been felt by many, my short temper had certainly created enough problems with many people in my rather un-illustrious professional career – so many that I was fully aware of its destructive potential.

This renewed awareness about my temperament made me think seriously about how I interacted with amma, and over a period of time, made me undertake efforts to temper my temper with her, with some degree of success.

It was no longer about my temper screwing up my business or career. It could kill amma.

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84. Narasimha, which in Sanskrit language means man-lion, is a half lion-half man avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu, incarnated to restore dharma (righteousness) by destroying evil and ending religious persecution.


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