Sense and Sensibility

Starting 2015, post her recurrent aortic dissection, if there was one domain over which I took absolute control, it was amma’s medications.

It did not need a genius to figure out that the best way to keep amma alive was to ensure that she did not get into any more trouble with her aorta. And the best way to do that was to ensure that she took her medications absolutely correctly, especially her blood pressure medications. 

To keep amma in the safe zone, all I did were just two activities. One, I took charge of purchasing her medications every month, so that I ensured that all her critical medicines were always in stock at home. Two, I bought a simple weekly pill organizer and took over filling of this box every week. Once these were done, amma’s exceptional discipline ensured that she never forgot to take all the necessary medicines.

How much more simple could saving your dear one’s life get? But we had not done these earlier in an organized manner.

There was some commitment needed from my side to ensure that all the medications were available all the time, and to organize them in the pill box week after week. The challenge was not the amount of time needed for these, it was the reprioritization of my activities. My earlier lifestyle simply had no time slots for these, but now I ensured that these time slots were of the highest importance.

My main focus was on her aortic dissection and her weak heart – her survival first! This focus also made me do many things that made her life more comfortable. In addition to continuously experimenting with ideas to relieve her of the pain from restless legs, I also ensured that I kept providing her with small supports that made her life easier, without robbing her of the household activities that kept her active and alive.

Most of what I did for her would have been done by any responsible son. But I was not really a responsible son until then.

This certainly was a fundamental mindset change – while earlier her health was “nice-to-have” with her comforts not even on my radar, now her health was a “really-must-have” and her comfort a “very-good-to-have”.

A few times, when back from out-of-city trips, I landed at my house gate around 430 AM. Remembering how she actually slept well only between 1 AM and 5 AM most nights because of her restless legs pain, I used to roam around the neighbourhood for about 30 minutes before I knocked on the door.

The early morning crowd in my vicinity – milkmen, newspaper boys, and the itinerant cows of course – must have wondered if I was new to town and searching for an address.

Remembering these small efforts of mine makes me feel more at peace with myself – I might not have been the best son a mother can get, but I certainly was not an insensitive jerk any longer.

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